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Copy Editing 


Whether your job requires you to deal with text that has been translated into English (perhaps by translation software), or you want to boost your career prospects by improving your online English Language profile or CV, a makeover by a native English-speaking copy editor will give it that vital professional touch.




We can improve your website or documents with a localization edit, making them interesting and relevant to English speakers.



Business English Training


Philip Bryer has over 40 years experience in business and is a TEFL qualified English tutor. In addition to English lessons designed with your needs as a priority, he will also share his experiences and give you valuable insights into Western business culture.


IELTS (International English Language Testing System)


As an IELTS Grade A Certified teacher, Philip can help you to achieve success in this important qualification.


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An excellent English Language teaching resource for tutors, schools, and students is run by my friend Will McCulloch from Hamburg:

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Our speech therapy lessons can help you speak English with confidence. Be a success at business meetings and social events!


We also offer training in these disciplines:

Business English – written                                                      Business English – verbal

Presentation skills                                                                    Managing English staff

Western business culture                                                       Useful phrases

Confident conversations                                                         Tips, tricks, and secrets

Emails and phone calls                                                            Success at social events

Leadership                                                                                 Understanding English culture


Individually designed courses at all levels for professionals and high-flyers who want to improve their verbal and written business English.

One-to-One tuition or small groups.

Online video conferencing or in person at a time to suit you.

Live tuition in real life social situations.

CV editing service.



For further information and to arrange a Needs Analysis, please contact Philip Bryer:


Mobile:  +44 (0) 7532 462565

Landline:  +44 (0) 1278 691458

Philip Bryer is a copy editor, TEFL qualified Business English and IELTS tutor, elocution coach, and author with more than 40 years experience in commerce and industry.

Samples of Philip Bryer’s creative work, books and articles, can be found here:

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